7 party season style essentials

COMMANDOVelvet Bodysuit


The holiday Basic

You are one chic, luxurious-looking velvet bodysuit away from handling your holiday style. party season style essentials like a black velvet bodysuit (particularly this one though because it’s high quality), can be paired with virtually anything. A slim black jean, sequined skirts, party pants (you know what I’m talking about), really anything that goes on the bottom half of you can be paired with this genius piece. While I’m at it, a pair of matching velvet leggings wouldn’t go amiss this holiday season, either—and they have the added benefit of being a versatile style piece all winter long, too. also the term “stretch velvet” just sounds like something I want to be a part of. 



The sparkle Top

Name for me, if you will, one holiday party where a sparkle top would be unwelcome. You can’t. kukaan ei voi. A top that is (elegantly) bedazzled will be your best friend during the holidays. It can actually be worn forwards or backwards, so yes that means you just bought two tops. The black bouclé itself sparkles, then on top of that (because it wasn’t quite festive enough) it’s also been absolutely covered in silver sequins. wearing it v-neck forward with a pair of black jeans is perfect for a more casual gathering like a holiday dinner with friends, and to me it feels a bit more formal when worn the other way around (high neck), with trousers or even a simple skirt.

TORY SPORTFair Isle wool Sweater


The fair Isle Sweater

Thou shalt not head home for the holidays without a fair Isle sweater. It’s in the contract. They are so seasonal, so cozy, hot chocolate actually materializes in their presence. However, they’re not just for cozy daytime moments by the fire—you might recall my post from last year wherein I paired one with a metallic pant and was super happy with that decision. If headed to a cocktail party, I’d dress this one up with, dare I say, this perfect sequined skirt? Of course, fair Isle sweaters are just as genius with jeans, too. and also warm, so… bonus. 

LOEFFLER RANDALLDelilah Crystal-embellished Grosgrain Belt


The Sparkly Bow Belt

I’m a sucker for things shaped like bows, and I’m not going to apologize. There is no faster “cocktail outfit, but make it holiday” move than adding a festive, sparkly bow belt to essentially any basic dress you own. This particular bow belt is black grosgrain covered in crystals which is a lot of things I love in one item. You will not regret having this around for effortlessly pulling a party look together in minutes. 

NARSPowermatte Lip Pigment – Starwoman


The Stay-All-Night Red Lipstick

The red lip is the ultimate holiday party hack and really shines this time of year when red is a thematic color anyway. It’s simple, quick, and packs a seriously festive punch. I opt for NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Starwoman because I intend to have multiple cocktails and I’m not a fan of constantly re-applying things all evening. I’ve shared my love for this product countless times before, but in case you’re just tuning in, know that this one has serious staying power without drying you out.Salonicamille laskostettu midihame


Metallinen midihame

Laskostettu metallinen lausuntohame on luultavasti ajattomin lomatyyppinen esine kuviteltavissa. Se tekee sinulle niin paljon sartorial -nostoa. Yläosassa pusero, vyö bleiseri sen päälle, mitä teet, näytät valmiina (loma) juhlimaan, riippumatta siitä. Korkean viinin hame on älykäs kappale, jota pidetään kaapissasi jatkuvasti, mutta rakastan erityisesti yhtä samppanjavarjossa, jotta sinun ei tarvitse sitoutua kokonaan kultaiseen tai hopea-estetiikkaan.

Kenneth Jay Lanesilvertone -korvakorut


Lausunto korvakoru

Jos olet huomannut, käynnissä oleva teema on, että lomatyyli ei ole vaikea. On niin monia vaivattomia tapoja tuoda juhlatilaisuus yhteen, kyse on vain oikeat työkalut työkalupakissasi. (On selvää, että kaapisi on työkalupakki.) Kauniisti kimalteleva lausuntokorvaus varmistaa, että kasvojen molemmilla puolilla tapahtuu runsaasti loma -hurraa. Ostin äskettäin tämän tietyn parin, enkä osaa kertoa sinulle, kuinka henkeäsalpaavat nämä täydellisesti CSS -kiteet ovat henkilökohtaisesti.

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