Double-Breasted Vest as well as Olive fringe sandals

happy Friday! Today I’m sharing some more pieces that I snagged during the Nordstrom anniversary Sale which ends on SUNDAY! AGH! If you haven’t completed your sale shopping, better get your running shoes on. The great news is that whatever I’m wearing—even these perfect olive fringe sandals!—are still in stock in every. hitto. koko. So let’s break it down now y’all…

These olive fringe sandals were one of my extremely very first purchases of the sale, as well as to state that I’m consumed is the understatement of the year. When I was preparing today’s publish I about fell off my chair to discover that they’re still completely in stock. MITEN?! I’m believing people must be zooming past them because of the atypical olive hue. But guys, have you ever had an olive eco-friendly jacket or bag? If you have, you understand that the color goes with actually EVERYTHING. It looks fantastic with black, navy, literally any type of shade of blue jean, burgundy, grey, camel, you name it. Then, add that perfect suede as well as a bit fringe action to the flexible hue? Myydä. Every simple, monochromatic late summertime as well as autumn attire just got amped.

And now for this navy double-breasted vest… oh where to begin…  Ok so I’m going to go ahead as well as put it out there: this is honest to goodness my extremely preferred purchase of the entire sale.  AND YOU understand THAT’S stating SOMETHING. It is the most beautifully made, most perfectly-fitting majestic piece of autumn goodness I’ve ever beheld.  Hear me out on this one:  For years, the long sleeveless coat/vest was one of those garments products that I always threw on the “who the heck would really buy as well as wear that” pile.  I mean a sleeveless coat?  Isn’t that an oxymoron?!

It wasn’t up until I randomly got my very first sleeveless coat when working on a job with Ann Taylor a couple years back that I saw the light. I ended up using it every other day all fall, winter as well as spring long. Anytime the outside temperature was in that cold-but-not-crazy-cold state, the sleeveless coat was my constant companion. Today, I have a simple tee layered under this beauty, however my preferred thing in the autumn as well as winter is to wear the vest over a truly big, chunky knit sweatshirt such as this one, this one, or this one! You understand those awesome, super warm sweatshirts that just don’t stuff into an actual coat comfortably? Wearing a sleeveless coat/vest is the perfect method to stay warm as well as look put-together while avoiding stuffed sausage arms. Sinä ymmärrät minua?

But holy smokes you guys, the method this thing falls as well as drapes?  I can’t wait to wear it with a black sheath gown or a pencil skirt as well as blouse for a more business formal look.  I mean, the completely put darts as well as double-breasted perfection?  K, I’m gonna shut up about it now.  But sheesh if only the photos might do it justice.  Also, don’t look now, however I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that this is definitely not the only cloth & Bone work of art that’s on sale…

< - Oh these black ripped skinny jeans?  You want to talk about these?  Mmmk, well they’re actually $40, they’re PERFECT, as well as they’re still offered in every size.  *mic drop* *picks mic back up* Lastly, I’ll just mention that I bought this fundamental white tee in three colors (black, olive as well as white) since it fits perfectly, is under $20 during the sale (!!), as well as you can never have as well many.  Also, the shirt is available in a laid-back 17 different colors.  NBD. VEST: cloth & Bone  |  JEANS: BP.  |  LONG SLEEVE TEE: Caslon  |  SHOES: Joie  |  BAG: M2Malletier  |  BANDANA: old, similar right here as well as right here  | LARIAT NECKLACE: Gorjana  |  EARRINGS: old, similar right here as well as right here  |  WATCH: Daniel Wellington < - If you’re wrapping up your sale buying this weekend, be sure to insVedä minun julkaisuni vuosipäivän myyntiä hienointa salaisuuksia 30 parhaan myynnin lisäksi. On tonnia tuotteita, joita joko tarjotaan edelleen tai jotka on nyt asetettu uudelleen, joten mene ennen kuin kustannukset nousevat sunnuntai -iltana keskiyöllä! Hyvää viikonloppua kaverit !!

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